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Regular inspection of heating systems

Regular inspection of heating systems in compliance with Act No. 314/2012 Coll.

Who must regularly inspect heating systems?

Building owners are required to regularly inspect heating systems.

What systems are subject to inspection?

Heating systems in the following facilities are subject to inspection:

  • office buildings,
  • school and educational facility buildings,
  • hospital buildings,
  • hotels and restaurants,
  • sports halls and other buildings designed for sports activities,
  • wholesale and retail service buildings,
  • other non-manufacturing buildings.

Frequency of heating system inspections

Nominal heat power Fuel Interval for the regular inspection for other non-manufacturing buildings in years
from 20 to 30 including Fossil, solid and liquid 7
Natural gas 12
Biomass 12
from 30 to 100 including Fossil, solid and liquid 4
Natural gas 6
Biomass 6
from 100 Fossil, solid and liquid 2
Natural gas 3
Biomass 2


Legislative mandate to inspect heating systems

Mandatory under Act No. 314/2012 Coll. and Decree 422/2012 Coll.

Penalties for not conducting heating system inspections

Up to €1,600 for building owners, penalties may double for repeat violations.

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