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Energy audit with measurements and diagnostics

We conduct energy audits at the highest professional level. We have long-term, international experience in the energy sector with competencies verified by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, TI, SNAS, TUV, E.I.C., ATDSR, SIEA and other professional organisations. Our specialists have the latest measurement and diagnostic equipment for energy audits. Our competitive advantage is real-world practical experience involving the operation of energy installations that we design and build, with subsequent repairs, maintenance and management, as well as specialised inspections and testing.

Energy audit process

  • On-site inspection
  • Energy balancing
  • Identification of energy usage locations
  • Measurements and diagnostics (the most important part for assessing the operating conditions of power engineering equipment)
  • Assessment of existing conditions
  • Identification of operational deficiencies, failures and emergency situations by means of measurement
  • Definition of energy intensity and potential for savings
  • Proposal of energy efficiency measures
  • Proposal to mitigate operating conditions that have a negative impact on company operations
  • Economic and environmental assessment of the proposed measures
  • Selection of an optimum set of variants for these measures intended to reduce company costs

Why get an energy audit

  • Comprehensive assessment of a company’s energy management
  • Proposal of an optimum energy cost savings solution with an economic, environmental and operational reach
  • The proposed solutions may be used as the basis for receiving subsidies
  • Energy efficiency advisory activities

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