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EnergyTech, s.r.o. delivers comprehensive energy services. We specialise in designing solutions, project and engineering services in the energy sector, the construction of energy installations, special diagnostics and measurements, specialised maintenance and service, energy management services, the management of local distribution systems, specialised inspections and testing, and mandatory statutory inspections of energy installations.

EnergyTech, s.r.o. services:

  • Design of energy installations
  • Energy assessments of investment plans and engineering design documentation
  • Feasibility studies for local distribution systems
  • Consulting on the operation of distribution systems (delivery and distribution of power, heat and gas), delivery and distribution of utilities to end customers, contractual relations, legislative obligations and the completion of distribution price lists for the regulatory authority (ÚRSO)
  • Administration and operation of distribution systems based on ÚRSO Permit No. 2012E0510 in power generation, delivery and distribution of electricity
  • Consultancy in the power engineering technologies, energy efficiency and the optimisation of energy installations
  • Energy audits in compliance with Act No. 321/2014 Coll.
  • Energy audits for investment plans and projects seeking a irrecoverable grant from state or European funds, energy audits are a mandatory attachment to grant applications
  • Professional assessments and calculations to prove the high-efficiency cogeneration of electricity and heat under Decree No. 599/2009 Coll.
  • Energy services
  • Building energy certification
  • Heating unit (gas-fired) performance measurement
  • Optimisation of steam condensate systems
  • Measurement of losses in heating systems
  • Air handling unit performance measurement and evaluation of operating modes
  • Energy assessment for ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Mandatory inspections of air conditioning systems and heating systems under Act No. 314/2012 Coll.
  • Measurement of pressure losses and leaks in compressed air systems
  • Measurement and optimisation of compressed air production
  • EN ISO 50001:2011 energy management system implementation
  • EPC projects
  • Diagnostics and analyser-based measurement of electrical system quality (THDU, THDI, RMS, CF, Pst, Plt, PF and others)
  • Technical audits of high and low voltage electrical installations
  • Design and implementation of power factor correction switchboards for reactive power
  • Measurement, diagnostics and repairs of HL, VF and VD high voltage switches
  • Diagnostics and measurements of high and low voltage connection resistances
  • Measurement, testing and configuration of high voltage protection devices
  • Delivery and installation of hybrid and dry-type high voltage connectors and terminals
  • Monitoring & Targeting
  • Delivery and installation of 1/4h kW max. control systems
  • Thermal imaging measurements of electrical installations with the measurement of current loads in IR mode with the completion of an official protocol under STN EN 13187
  • Thermal imaging measurements in the heating industry (systems, heating units, appliances, tanks, boiler refractory materials, etc.)

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